INNO Gel Lubricating Gel 100g

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Increase your pleasure with water based Inno Gel. Inno Gel is water-based, so it is safe and now comes in this attractive blue bottle. 

Water Based soluble lubricant has all the benefits of INNO GEL Lubricant. Similar in feel and viscosity, yet contains NO OIL, WAX or SILICONE and washes off easily with water. 

  • Inno Lubricating Jelly is a sterile, greaseless, transparent, water soluble and non-irritation jelly. 
  • Recommended for gynaecological and surgical lubrication and when additional vaginal lubrication is needed. 
  • Harmless to human tissue. 
  • Spread readily and easily dissolved. 
  • Bacteria free. 
  • Non sticky and does not stain. 
  • Looks natural like own natural secreations. 
  • Non-irritating Jelly. 
  • Water soluble. 
  • Greaseless. 
  • Transparent. 
  • For vaginal lubrication.


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