About our company

www.latexgift.com is a internet shopping company. If you may not hear about us before probably because we did not advertise on newspaper or TV. We have been minimized our operation cost in order to keep surviving in this highly competitive industry.

We also don't own a physical shop, don't own a sales or pickup center, don't hire any salesgirl. Due to this , we sometimes can sell cheaper than physical shops simply because we can save money on paying rental, electricity bill , salesgirl's salary and etc. We started in July 2014.

Latexgift is the premier online shop for adult toys in Malaysia to globally distribute a wide range & selection of adult toys from the region. Every month, we will bring our nationwide customers the latest products along with thousands of toy items from different brands across Asia.

Our experienced and dedicated customer service team will ensure that our customers have an enjoyable & hassle-free buying experience with us. Our team pledges to provide superior support before, during and even after the shopping process, and to deliver the highest possible customer satisfaction.

All items are handpicked to ensure good quality and safety. We are commited to excellent services, some items listed are ready-stock to meet your needs and expectations. Furthermore, pre-order stocks are available as your second option. Dedicated to customer service, we pride ourselves on offering an unique, personal and safe shopping experience. With a Standard 3 days delivery, FREE SHIPPING on all orders exceeded RM 200 for West Malaysia. RM 250 for East Malaysia, simple and secure payment services. Enjoy!

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