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This is a very hot item among the ladies in Indonesia. Do not worries about the ingredients because it is 100% herbs , which is using Manjakani, scientific name called Quercus Infectoria.

Tongkat Madura Ajimat made from selected herbs and it is only found in bushland on the island of Madura, Indonesia. Tongkat Madura Ajimat created based on the secret recipe that has been inherited from antiquity and it is only known by famous Madura women in maintaining vaginal and binding love of her husband. Tongkat Madura Ajimat is to be worn, not to eat.

Tongkat Ajimat Madura is the authentic Jamu Herbal Stick for relief from vaginal odour, irritation and discomfort – and for maximum sexual pleasure

Many women suffer from white vaginal discharge, vaginal odour or ‘loose’ vagina due to age or regular sex.

Loose and insensitive vaginal muscles

The herbal essence of this Jamu Herbal Stick, when inserted into the vagina, is absorbed by the skin in the vagina, stimulating hormonal balance and strengthening the vaginal muscles. This enhances sexual sensations by the tightening of the vaginal walls. It restores the feeling of youth and vitality during intercourse as she provides her male partner with greater sensations and satisfaction. In this, confidence is restored in a woman as she demonstrates her virginal sexuality to her partner.

Authentic Tongkat Ajimat Madura / Jamu Herbal Sticks are the most rapid-acting medicinal herbs from the Island of Madura, Indonesia, specially formulated for women who wish to develop their full potential. The composition of these wonderful medicinal herbal sticks are made from traditional purest pharmaceutical quality herbs found only on Madura Island.

This secret formula of Herbal Nature mixture is based on traditional herbs well-known to Madurese women for hundreds of years and this well-kept secret formula was perfected and carefully blended with newly discovered ingredients into a high-potency formula. Do not worries about the ingredients because it is 100% herbs , which is using Manjakani, scientific name called Quercus Infectoria.

Benefits of Tongkat Ajimat Madura / Jamu Herbal Stick:

The Jamu Herbal Stick can stimulate and intensify mutual excitement during sex.
The Jamu Herbal Stick can eliminate vaginal ‘white discharge’ (leucorrhoea) and banish vaginal odour.
The Jamu Herbal Stick can relieve internal vagina irritation and discomfort.
Ideally suitable for women who try to accomplish their full potential, because the medicinal herbs will reduce excessive liquid discharge substance in the vagina and provide maximum sexual pleasure for both participants.
The Jamu Herbal Stick has been used for hundreds of years by the women of Madura Islands. It is safe and very effective.

If you have tried Western Medicines without any results, please give this product a try. Many Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese women are using the Jamu Herbal Stick and they have seen results!

Try the Jamu Herbal Stick and I guarantee you will see results!

Directions for Use:

Cleanse hands and the private parts.
Relax. Insert 5-6 cm (2-2.5 inches) into the vagina slowly and let it remain for about 15-30 seconds.
Then slowly release.
When using for the first time, try for a short time only. Length of time may vary for each individual.
After several uses, an individual may decide her best timing and frequency.
According to the individual condition, when the vagina has discharge and odour, this process can be done every 3 days or a week and will last up to one month.
Rinse well.


Tongkat Ajimat Madura membantu memberi kemesraan yang luar biasa dalam hubungan seks suami isteri.
Tongkat Ajimat Madura membantu menyembuhkan penyakit keputihan.
Tongkat Ajimat Madura membantu menghilangkan bau busuk faraj.
Tongkat Ajimat Madura membantu melenyapkan rasa gatal difaraj.
Tongkat Ajimat Madura malaysia membantu mengeringkan faraj dari air lendir yang berlebihan supaya menjadi kering dan ketat sehingga menimbulkan kenikmatan yang tidak terhingga dalam perhubungan seks dengan suami.

Cara penggunaan Tongkat Ajimat Madura

Cuci tangan dan bahagian vagina terlebih dahulu.

Pegang hujung tongkat ajimat madura
Tenangkan diri dan masukkan perlahan-lahan lebih kurang 3/4 tongkat madura asli dalam vagina untuk 1-2 minit.

Kandungan Tongkat Ajimat Madura Asli :

Kapur, Manjakani, Pharameriae Cortex, Callae, Gausumae Folium dan 100% bahan-bahan semulajadi lain.




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