Tenga - Flip Zero Red Warming Edition Masturbator

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How to Use:
Fully lubricate the inside of the item, then close the item ensuring both locks click shut and slide on the slide arms.
Lubricate the insertion point.
Always check warmth throughout with your finger before use.
After insertion, use the pressure pads to manually control the pressure or squeeze out the internal air to create suction.

Product Info:

Pressure Pads are soft to the touch
Use the Pressure Pads to change internal pressure, or create suction
The seamless insertion point is moulded together with the hinge
Stronger suction and reduces lubricant leakage
The item clips together to make the Slide Arms easy to place onto the item
Locks in place for easy use
The Slide Arms are a simple way to hold the item together during use
Intricate internal details accentuate the vacuum strength
High-quality materials are used to create tightly packed details
The flip-open design allows for easy washing, and the Slide Arms can be used for drying for hygienic use every time
Store the item safely in its Storage Case
Heating Modes: 2 Strengths (Strong to Mild) / Light Blinking, Warming / Light On - Insulation mode
Warming Time: 5-6 Minutes (Varies with room temperature).
The power will automatically turn OFF if the Touch Button is not operated for more than 30 minutes
Waterproofing: Base, Heating Stick and FLIP ZERO all waterproof so you can wash under running water
Sample Lotion x2
More Info:

FLIP ZERO - W70×D80×H180
Weight: 482g
FLIP WARMER - W77×D92×H160
Weight: 195g
External Dimensions - W118×D122×H206
Total Weight:1290g

This exclusive set is the perfect combination of redesigned details in soft gel and heated pleasure. The dense details are arranged to fit together for complete envelopment, working with body heat-like warmth for immersive pleasure.

This set's exclusive Flip Warmer is a heating device designed specifically for the Flip series. The high-powered heating system uses the thermal conductivity of aluminium to thoroughly warm the entire item, from the insertion point to the inner-most depths of the product.

With adjustable warmth and the softest ever feeling in the Flip Series, experience complete immersion in enveloping warmth.

Simply lube up with our Tenga Hole Lotion, which we recommend using as it has been specifically designed to enhance the feeling of pleasure with our products.

Play, wash and play again and again!

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