TENGA 日本进口飞机杯 男用自嗨黑色刺激型

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TENGA has revamped the Flip Hole, giving its better-than-real texture a complete makeover.

The sleeve inside its squeezable shell is lined with ridging, wide fans and tight diamonds, offering state-of-the-art stimulation.

TENGA Flip Hole Clear is a male sex toy with a difference.
As well as the innovative internal texture of the canal, it boasts a discreet flip-open case that allows for easy cleaning and a super-snug fit.

The 2-sided texture features a series of tight ridges, cosy diamonds, wide rectangles and bumpy fans, all designed to caress your shaft to a satisfying climax.

The flip case also provides the opportunity for you to tailor your pleasure.

Soft, spongy pads located on either side of the strokers hard plastic case can be squeezed at will, allowing you to adjust the pressure and intensity inside the toy.

Clears sleeve is fantastically stretchy and can stretch to accommodate most sizes. Measuring 0.75 inches in diameter at the opening, with a depth of 6.5 inches, simply thrust inside the soft expanding textured sleeve for maximum enjoyment.

Best suited to anyone who prefers a non-anatomical male masturbator that delivers realistic pleasure, TENGA Clear can be used with a partner to enhance foreplay, or solo as a cyber stroker to satisfy.

Use with lashings of water-based lubricant during play to increase sensation and experience intense sensations. Cleaning is simple. Simply open the Flip Hole by removing the plastic cap. Wash with warm water and leave to dry in a safe, cool place.

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